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iTachyon Services​

inHealthcare as MedOnGo

Delivering Primary Healthcare to last mile citizen of India, making it accessible and affordable, iTachyon is experimenting all the technology possibilites across varied domains of healthcare to make it modern and smart care

Medongo Smart Health Platform ensures availability of Doctor, Diagnostics & Medinies 24/7 at remote locations


NIBP , SPO2 , Temp , Pulse Rate Blood Sugar, ECG come by default Clinical Devices : Stethoscope, Otoscope, Iriscope, Spirometer, Bio-Chemistry Analyzer etc

50 diseases specific test Typhoid, Malyria, Chickengunia, JES on demand only


Pharma Vending

The vending kiosk can dispense up to 200 different drugs for most Primary and Preventive healthcare consults, The vending machine can stack all different shapes and sizes

Provide an extensive list of drugs available, Real-time monitoring of medicine stock, Accurate reporting of consumption details

E-Prescription generation and printing, Dispensing of Drugs by scanning of E-Prescription, Remote Dispensing by Doctors


Teleconsults on MedOnGo Kiosks with Nursing Officer’s Assistance, Doctors Teleconsultation Dashboard to help give effective Teleconsult

Patients consult online and on Mobile, Avoiding visiting clinic for followups and quick questions


Smart Consult Platform

Medongo's Smart Consult is a unique module built with essential features for efficient Healthcare delivery- Remote/ Telecare, Patient Engagement, Analytics, and Clinical Decision Support System


Registration, Demographics and History, Vitals and Diagnostics

Data assisted consults, Smart Tele consults, Continuous care improvement

Consultation Report and Counseling, Dispensing Medicines, Referrals to higher care centers



Patient Engagement

Automatic updates on consultations, appointments, Connects to Homecare devices to collect real time data, Connected to family and caregivers for remote monitoring.

Monitor vitals on a day to day basis and customized to Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiovascular, MedOnGo to constantly add disease-specific engagement modules into solution

Health Tips, Alerts and advisory on seasonal Diseases like Dengue, Chickengunia with provision to add advisory and alerts on the fly

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