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Quantum Computing

Harnessing the quantum realm for INDIA's future complex computing business needs, iTachyon actively deliverying its QC services in Healthcare, Finance and Security Sectors

The field of quantum computing emerged in the 1980s. It was discovered that certain computational problems could be tackled more efficiently with quantum algorithms than with their classical counterparts.

Quantum computing has the capability to sift through huge numbers of possibilities and extract potential solutions to complex problems and challenges. Where classical computers store information as bits with either 0s or 1s, quantum computers use qubits. Qubits carry information in a quantum state that engages 0 and 1 in a multidimensional way.

iTachyon discover and enriches massive computing potential and the projected market size and attracted the attention of some of its prominent clients in delivering optimum results.

Quantum computing contribute greatly to the fields of security, finance, military affairs and intelligence, drug design and discovery, aerospace designing, utilities (nuclear fusion), polymer design, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data search, and digital manufacturing. Quantum computers are used to improve the secure sharing of information. Or to improve radars and their ability to detect missiles and aircraft. Quantum computing help in the environment and keeping water clean with chemical sensors.


We at iTachyon help Financial institutions to be able to use quantum computing to design more effective and efficient investment portfolios for retail and institutional clients. They could focus on creating better trading simulators and improve fraud detection. Also we partnered with healthcare industry to use quantum computing to develop new drugs and genetically-targeted medical care, with future possibilities for more advanced DNA research. and for stronger online security, quantum computing can design better data encryption and ways to use light signals to detect intruders in the system. also Quantum computing can be used to design more efficient, safer aircraft and traffic planning systems.

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