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iTachyon Services​

Managed Technology Solutions

Technology consulting with custom delivery models to address your technology challenges,

Technology is at the heart of any organisation. When your IT infrastructure and applications run as they should, your employees can work efficiently, and all the negative noise caused by IT issues disappears.

iTachyon: full-service managed technology support is here! We offer a range of remote support solutions from our team of specialists who can deal with any technology challenges your business may face. Our Banglore office gives you access to Technical Account Managers, Field Technicians, Engineers, Service Desk, and Field Staff who provide both in-person and remote assistance, with rapid-response solutions for when you need help fast.


Why iTachyon Managed Technology Services ?

Support IT innovation

Managed IT services gives internal IT teams the support they need to focus on growth projects.

Focus on Core Activities

iTachyon provide the knowledge and skills required to keep business operations running smoothly.

Proactive maintenance

The preventative maintenance provided by iTachyon rectifies potential problems before they can become significant issues.

Future-proofing IT

Proactive iTachyon support helps future-proof business operations that rely on IT by overcoming future barriers to growth.

A fresh perspective

iTachyon offer an external view of the business operations, which may help identify commonly hidden bottlenecks and tech issues.

Free up resources

Working with iTachyon moves the operational service burden from the client to the service provider.

Our Process & Team

The measurable difference between managed service providers is the maturity of the support processes and the capability of their people. Our overall business model is simple yet incredibly powerful, with the net result being a world-class customer service experience.

We recruit our technicians based on values, not based on technical skill alone. We can teach technical skills, but it’s much harder to teach a customer service ethic, teamwork, and integrity.

Our service desk and engineering teams are distributed across major Indian cities, like Banglore, Delhi, Uttrakhand, Mumbai, etc., allowing us to recruit from a broad talent pool.

We have invested in the best remote support and administration software available, carrier-grade network monitoring software, and the best ticketing software – the right tools pay significant dividends in capability and efficiency.

We continually train and re-certify our staff. We build ongoing certification incentives into our employment contracts. We provide internal promotion opportunities to ensure the best teams are retained, challenged, and developed.

We have implemented real-time feedback systems to track, measure and reward high end-user satisfaction.

All our critical metrics are monitored and displayed transparently on screens around our offices. We immediately know when there is a problem, and we react efficiently and effectively.

We have a transparent management process based on continual staff and customer feedback, with built-in procedures to ensure execution against our internal development priorities.

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